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Be it an ERP, CRM, or HR management solution, a mobile or a web application, we provide IT help desk services to companies that need to outsource user and solution support. VPS Tech can help you with software products you offer to your customers and with corporate applications and systems that your employees use.

We offer assistance with software issues from password resetting to complex issue investigation on the code level. With IT help desk outsourcing, you don’t need to hire and train support personnel and still can remain sure that your software and its users are taken care of.

What Makes Our IT Help Desk Services Reliable


Thorough IT background

With the profound experience in software development, IT consulting, QA, IT infrastructure services and more, we go far beyond just following the instructions on how to address software issues.


Multi-industry and multi-domain expertise

With the expertise in the variety of industries including healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, and telecoms, we approach each support case considering your business and industry specifics.


Value for different skill levels

We adjust our support services to every user category, from novices to experts. We solve minor issues reported by new users and offer training and webinars that help to quickly adopt new software. For experienced users, we provide the investigation and quick resolution of non-trivial issues.


Wide experience of collaboration in IT projects

We participated in numerous short- and long-term projects with both IT and non-IT companies, and we know how to establish effective collaboration within a team.

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