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Internet as fast as the speed of light

99.9% reliability
Affordable Price
24/7 Support and Monitoring

Superfast Microwave or Fibre Broadband

High grade broadband is saving businesses time and money. The way we do business online is changing fast. Some firms are getting a real competitive edge by improving the way they run their businesses using high speed broadband. VPS Tech has provisioned a high class internet service to serve your business spread across any location in the country with a very fast speed.

We guarantee reliable broadband speeds

  • We constantly check and optimise your broadband speeds, so you get reliable speeds all day, every day.
  • Unlimited internet data without limitations
  • Surf, browse, stream, work, or game to your heart’s content with reliability that exceeds 99%, even at peak times.

VPS Tech Superfast Connection

Our connections uses either fibre optic or Microwave to give you superfast speeds. Average speeds of 10Mb will allow you to do more online, with everyone online together. That means no more battling for bandwidth, even in busy homes.

VPS Tech Internet, Keeping you connected.

Keep all your employees and devices connected with the internet connection you can count on and enjoy seamless secure connection.

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