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Top Most Popular FAQs

How Long does it take to swap or get a SIM replaced?

The process takes 48 hours

Can I use the SIM to call someone outside the group?

Yes , you can recharge normally to call outside your group

How do I add more people to my group?

We will need the total number of people you want to add and the plan they should be subscribed to

Is there a restriction to the number of people in a group?

Minimum of 2.

What if my SIM gets lost or damaged?

That is not a challenge at all, we will need the number of the damaged or lost SIM to replace it.

Why should I change my ISP to VPS Tech?

What you see is not what you get: many providers contend their internet services so much that, what is being charged for is often not what is being provided. We provide the URL for the test site and encourage customers to do a basic test on the spot to confirm this.

What do we do with our existing service?

We can take over the service now with current SLA , install our own services; giving you a service level that the largest companies in the world expect. We give you immediate peace of mind and you start enjoying true Ti-er-1 carrier-grade broadband/internet right now. Why prolong the suffering of poor service?
All this is backed by our presence, resources and customer service which enable us to help companies become more efficient in areas such as planning, strategy, implementation and in-life services.

Why is working with VPS Tech better than dealing with other suppliers?

We deliver what we promise, we do not degrade our Quality of Service (QoS) for the sake of winning business and have unhappy customers; we give full value for money at very competitive rates.
We would rather walk away than give poor service.

We have existing clients you can speak to about customer service excellence. We are able to combine BIAS with our Cloud offering to add extra value to your business; ensuring you get ahead of the competition without the expensive and hidden costs.
It also means that your organisation can concentrate on its business activities knowing that VPS Tech will focus on delivering the highest class of customer service to your organisation. We do not just deliver technology – we are committed to

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